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Local experience with international exposure

We realize that you have many choices when selecting a guiding company and we believe we have the perfect combination of local and international experience to give you the best adventure. While most US companies are reliable and insured as US regulations require, they are often very expensive and lack the local knowledge of Asian companies. Asian companies have a more affordable price and offer the benefits of a local experience, yet reliability and standards are often lacking. We are the best of both. We are licensed in the US and hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality and expectations, and we also run all our own tours locally, with our own Sherpa guides and support staff.

Motivational Speaker
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AC Sherpa, completed seven summits in 42 days setting world record to be able to complete is in shortest period of time, is often called for motivational speech in different program. He talks about Global Warming, Moutaineering, 7 summits.