Few experiences can compete with the triumph of reaching the summit of a majestic mountain. We offer a selection of mountain summit expeditions for every level of climber. From the experienced trekker who wants to attempt a first summit, to the summit of Mt Everest, we offer expeditions on every continent. Nepal is an excellent place for the beginner and advanced trekker due to wide variety of terrains in this awe inspiring country. A Nepal expedition is certainly a must for anyone who wants to go on a true adventure.Choosing to go on a Himalayan expedition can reap great rewards. If you want to experience a holiday you will never forget, make sure to check out our entire Himalayan expedition list below. From the mighty Everest expedition to the magnificent Annapurna expedition, there is an expedition calling your name.With expeditions all around Nepal and the world, there is no place on Earth you can’t explore and with our help, we can get you there. Which Nepal expedition will light the adventuring fire in your soul? The Everest expedition? Baruntse expedition? Check out our entire list and gear up for an experience of a lifetime.

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