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Mt.Shishapangma Expedition (8, 013m) – 2019 Autumn

Shishapangma Expedition 2017 Autumn, fixed departure full board expedition package. Mt. Shishapangma is 8,013m high mountain in the Himalayan, located...

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Cho Oyu Expedition (8,210m) – 2019 Autumn

Mount Cho Oyu is 8201m. Peak was climbed by Austrian team in 1954 A. D. It is about 30 Kilo...

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Everest North Face Summit

Mt Everest in Tibet straddles the east section of the Nepal/Tibet border, with its northern side lying in the Tingri...

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Shisapangma Summit

Its Sanskrit name is “Gosainthan”. Reinhold Messner called it “an exquisite apparition”. Indeed, it is emerging out of the earth-brown...

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