A tour on foot, through the landscape and culture of a piece of our world is sure to show wonders to you. Trekking is traveling on foot through terrain that is best suited for foot travel. Traveling by foot is the best way to soak up the environment of a place closely. Moving at walking speed allows for a slow, rich, full immersion into the location of your choice. From vast and breath-taking mountain vistas, to intimate cultural celebrations and rituals, a trek allows for a wonderfully interactive tour, sure to create a wealth of memories

Bernese Alps & Matterhorn Trek

Immerse yourself in the striking scenery of the Alps. Spend a week in the famous mountains of Switzerland. Beginning in...

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Graubünden, Matterhorn & Bernese Alps

Switzerland’s three top mountain spots await you on this trek. Graubünden is the place of history, the source of the...

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