Visit Nepal, Help Nepal.


Nepal the famed land of Himalayas and the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest awaits to receive visitors from the United States and elsewhere to enjoy the wonders and incomparable scenery, exciting adventures and cultural experience. Be it high altitude mountain climbing, extended or short trekking to the Himalayan foothills enjoying the breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks, river rafting, para gliding in the mountain valleys with panoramic view of the snowy mountains, lakes and rivers, elephant safari in the plains—Nepal is the place for you to visit for recreation and to experience the lasting touch of being refreshed by nature. As a land of ancient culture, birthplace of Buddha at Lumbini, Nepal has festivals and public cultural events round the year featuring Hindu, Buddhist, Lamaism and diverse ethnic rituals and customs which welcome visitors to share and enjoy them. Leaving behind some of the losses caused by 2015 earthquake, Nepal is back in its long-standing travel and hospitality services to make the holiday and recreation visit of the travelers safe, comfortable and packed with memorable turn of events with your family, friends or on your individual quest. I welcome you to visit Nepal for its diverse attractions and opportunities it offers to discover the best of adventure spirit in you.

Visit Nepal to Help Nepal to Raise once again.

Thank You

A.C. Sherpa Honorary Consul,

Washington State USA
<h3>Thursday, February 9, 2017 12:34:05 PM America/Los_Angeles</h3>
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